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Aura Clock Screensaver Free (Twilight Only)

362 ratings

Twilight is 1 of 6 color themes in the Aura Clock Screensaver pack, featuring a high-res gradient with grain. 12-hour, 12-hour (with AM/PM), and 24-hour clock modes available.

Looking for more colors? Get the full Aura Plus Pack for 6 unique gradient themes!

This screensaver is for macOS Mojave to Ventura. macOS Sonoma support coming soon. Sonoma has a bug that affects the function of many third-party screensavers, and an update will be released as soon as Apple adds a patch. We appreciate your patience!

This screensaver is for Mac. If you're on Windows, iPad, or Chromebook, check out and bookmark Aura Clock for Web.


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Aura Clock Screensaver Free (Twilight Only)

362 ratings
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